Chontell R.

"Charlotte gave me the tools to see things from a different perspective and to see my world in a whole new way. A more enlightened care free one that I am in total control of and that has now helped me root myself in the present moment. Not only is there a new found calmness that I have longed for but I no longer give my time or attention to anything that drains or steals my peace. This awakening has had a huge affect on every aspect of my life, from changing jobs, to moving, to my relationships with friends,family and loved ones and has helped me eliminate toxic people and situations from my life. I am truly grateful for her and for the impact she is having and wants to have on the world as a whole."

Maryam A.

"Working with Charlotte has been more stimulating and insightful than I ever imagined coaching to be. She provides the perfect balance between spirit, science and mastery that I have been looking for. I had been battling with deep-rooted self doubt and discipline for a long time, which disabled many other aspects of my existence. I felt as though I was sleep walking through life and was desperate for guidance and a sense of purpose. Through the theory and practice of Kaizen Life Spark, I am able to creatively unlock my intuition and practically tap into my potential professionally and emotionally."

Vahid E.

"Growing up, especially in my neighbourhood, you never heard your friends saying they’ll be sitting down and ‘talking about their problems’. I definitely fell into that category as well where it has always been a challenge to speak about past and present issues that, for most of my life, I preferred to keep locked away until it became distant and eventually indistinct memories. However, deciding to work with Charlotte has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. It’s one thing to speak with someone who calls themselves a ‘specialist’ however, to have someone so effortlessly help root out things that make you realize that you’ve only been allowing detrimental self-made obstacles to control your life’s choices; a realization that needed to be addressed. Thank YOU Charlotte for aiding me in my path to personal Greatness."

Rosie B.

"Charlotte has been absolutely amazing in helping transform my mindset and put me on the path towards my life goals and ambitions. Her calm, kind and upbeat manner has been instrumental in her life coaching.

Every session has been very productive and I have felt a gradual transformation in my way of thinking and how I deal and cope with situations. I couldn’t rate someone more highly in overcoming obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your life goals."

Rehman A.

"I cannot begin to say how much Charlotte changed my life. She equipped me with thoughts and tools that set me free from my limiting beliefs and made me confident in pursuing my dreams. She is a great coach and a wonderful human being. It was worth every minute, and I am forever thankful to have such an experience."

Dina A.

"In the time that I’ve known Charlotte, she has helped me cope with my anxiety so well that I feel much better than I had in a long time. She’s transformed the way that I approach matters in life and taught me some valuable life lessons along the way. Working with Charlotte was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will forever be grateful for her help and would recommend her to everyone I know."

André F.

"I was lacking self-motivation and feeling lost at that point in what I actually wanted to do in my professional life.. This was about 5 months ago.. and coaching changed my life! It changed the way I think, the way I do things, why I do things, and how I see things around me. My mind has shifted to a way that I feel that nothing can stop me from what I want! If you're one of those that somehow is feeling lost or not sure about your life goals this is for you.. I highly recommend you to give it a try!"

Noora S. 

"Since working with Charlotte, I have been able to overcome my anxiety and finally believe in myself in ways I didn't know possible. I took 12 sessions and my results were life changing. I enjoyed the coaching  experience and realised it is ok to ask for help sometimes."

Jade S.

"This online course helped me get past a very negative time. It changed my mindset on everything. I feel like a whole new person and think very differently about negative situations. I had fallen into a place I couldn’t get out of, I was stuck. When I did the course it made me concentrate on myself and what I really want for my future, it helped me to paint a picture of what I really wanted and very quickly things started to happen in my life. I loved that I could work through the videos and worksheets on my own time. I’d highly recommend this, especially if you’re in a bad place, it’s very helpful and changed my life. Thank you so much, I am very grateful and happy to be leading the life I should."

Taras T.

"At first I was sceptical about coaching but I was at a point in my life where I needed support, direction and clarity in order to get my life in order. Since coaching with Charlotte I am in the best shape I've ever been in, I'm thinking on a whole new level and my family are even happier too. The power of the mind (my mind!) has amazed me!"


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