What If, What You Believed Wasn't True?

Feb 14, 2019

Have you ever believed something to be true and later found out it wasn’t? For example, the love of your life was actually just your first partner, not the love of your life? Or you felt someone was ‘just nice’ until you realized they were absolutely friggin’ amazing?! We believe these things without any given proof, we simply buy into it. 

Our foundation of being is built upon a few key areas, one of which is our belief system. The funny thing about beliefs is that most people have never really consciously chosen them. It’s a combination of learnings we have collected over time.

Do you have any beliefs that you don’t like? Or any beliefs than stop you from achieving something? Such as…

I have low self-esteem.

I am too fat

I am not good enough

I will never be loved

Everyone is out to get me

I can’t catch a break

I am terrible with money

Well, just play with me here…

Imagine if your chosen belief wasn’t true?!


I mean close your eyes and simply imagine it wasn’t true.

Imagine what it would look like if this wasn’t true?

What would it feel like if it wasn’t true?

How would others treat you if it wasn’t true?

How would it impact your life?

What would you believe instead?

Now do your best to give yourself at least 3 reasons why this new belief could be true.

Do this little exercise with all the un-serving beliefs you possess and feel the difference.

Remember we are always more than what we believe, we don't know what we don't know.

As always, until next time, keep learning & keep growing.


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