Can't Stop thinking?

Feb 28, 2019

 Is your mind going on overdrive? You even wake up exhausted because you couldn’t switch off? Have you ever wanted to just stop thinking?

Well, there is a BIG misunderstanding when it comes to thoughts. Many believe we can stop thinking, but we can’t. Our thoughts are there on repeat every single day and every single night. They will always be there, however you can learn how to manage them. 

You can accept they your mind is busy and do something about it. You can learn to slow down your thoughts...

Imagine your mind is like a busy highway, and your thoughts are just the traffic flowing through.

Now imagine a nice, slow country road, where traffic only comes through once in a while. 

Allow your thoughts to come and go.

This will allow you to choose which thoughts to entertain and which ones to dissolve. Now your thoughts are moving slower, you can identify the ones you wanted to stop and deal with them when you’re ready by letting them go.

Mastering the pace of your thoughts will help you regenerate more calm and peace into your life.

Until next time, Keep Learning & Keep Growing.


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