Are You Not Tired?

Feb 07, 2019

Check out this quick video I made for you on the question I get asked ALL the time!

Are You Not Tired? This is the question I get asked the most! I find it so interesting as there is a suggestion within the question that I should be. 

The question usually comes when they know how intense my workload and my high levels of productivity are; yet I still show up like an overflowing ball of energy.

I don’t share this with you to impress you regarding my own energy levels, I share it to impress upon you that you can have an abundance of high energy too, if you want it.

Tired has become the new normal. I hear people walking around saying how tired they are, and sometimes they genuinely are and they need a rest! Yet most of the time they have convinced themselves they are tired because they are stuck in the habit of thinking they’re tired…. You know how the saying goes… What we think – we become.

Create your own robust system around your energy.

Make it a priority.

Eat the right foods for YOUR energy needs 

Sleep for the amount YOU need

Hydrate yourself in any opportunity you get!

Learn how to master your breath effectively – this is one of the greatest gifts we possess and will give you some of your easiest wins!

Doing these things will help you to show up, I mean really show up.

Show up fully present, energetically and have so much so you can share it with everyone around you.

Until next time, Keep Learning & Keep Growing.


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