Is This 4 Week Transformation Coaching Programme For You?

By Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Is it finally time for you to work on your inner game? Work on your inner game in such a way that you can experience some uber shifts within 4 weeks to optimise your life?

Back in April I opened the doors to a 4 week transformation programme to 6 people purely because I had the extra time.... They have experienced such drastic changes from this programme alone, so I wanted to open the doors once again. 

They have been through a mode of self exploration which they didn't see possible in such a short space of time. One has been promoted at work, one has a made some extraordinary life altering decisions as a result, another has taken his relationships to a whole new level, and another has doubled his income from his own business!  Plus they all have reported feeling truly fulfilled and present within their lives, experiencing a profound shift in their mindset and outlook.

Getting this feedback and witnessing these shifts simply lights me up, and has led me to giving the opportunity to another 6 people to experience a transformational boost with an intensive online coaching programme at a low cost. 

This is NOT for everyone.. only for those who are serious about activating their potential to the next level... 

I’ve been coaching for a long time now and online coaching is certainly growing in popularity. The ease of being able to be coached from anywhere in the world makes coaching simple and effective. Most of my clients are juggling busy lives, from running their own business’ to showing up for their families let alone trying to keep their physical and mental health in order. Convenience and time saving is a big win with this online coaching programme and an enormous return on investment.

We all have those nagging voices in the back of our head reminding us of the things we wanted to do, or were supposed to do, but we simply didn't get around to them. Sometimes we have already made excellent progress in some areas of our lives but our consistency falls off pace and we feel like we aren’t moving forwards.

If you can relate, you could you benefit from this 4 week transformation programme. Here's a quick test:

  • Do you feel like your life isn't quite what you want it to be?
  • Have you noticed you struggle to be consistent in ways you want to be?
  • Do you keep repeating unwanted patterns over and over again?
  • You've had coaching in the past but slipped back into old habits when you stopped?
  • Are you feeling lost or stuck?
  • Do you have the sneaking suspicion you're settling for less?
  • Are you ready to master your own life?
  • Are you looking for fast results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this is EXACTLY what you need! 

What's In It For You?

Aside from feeling friggin’ amazing you will...

  • Discover your sense of self at the core.
  • Remove any limits holding you back. 
  • Explore your own levels of fulfilment. 
  • Create the future you’ve always wanted. 

You will have a live coaching call every week where you will have the opportunity to improve each week by learning and implementing real bulletproof strategies, which lead to lasting change. You will be coached in every interaction and will release what could be holding you back from moving to the next stage of your life and how to breakthrough any barriers you may have. 

This coaching structure will activate you and elevate your mindset even more. You will unlock your highest self and project an upgraded version of you. You are ready to look at yourself in a whole new perspective and step into a future you are creating. 

About Charlotte

Charlotte is an intuitive coach who has helped hundreds of clients worldwide to improve their lives in wellness, health, physical and mental fitness. She specialises in mindset transformation and helps clients to re-align their thoughts and behaviours so they can achieve their goals and find greater happiness and fulfilment in all areas of life. She is the author of the popular "MindShift Map Book", and the creator of the Kaizen Life Spark coaching service. Charlotte also leads group workshops and works with individuals one-on-one to help them create the life they want, release any unresolved negative emotions, release stress and anxiety, discover clarity and direction to help them create their own desired realities and heal from past life experiences. She currently resides in United Arab Emirates and is from United Kingdom.

How Does It Work?

Starting today, you will receive access to your own coaching platform. You will receive your introductory questionnaire. We will kick off your journey with your first coaching call (at your convenience) to discuss your needs further and ensure you are all set up.

After each coaching call you will receive an educational video with a task to complete prior to the next coaching call.

4 Educational Videos 

- Understanding the balance of your life 

- Becoming truly fulfilled at the core

- Removing what holds you back

- Discovering what the future holds for you 

We will explore any further needs and deep dive into any big questions you may have plus strategise for the following week.

Your coaching call will be completely individualised to you and you will have access to your coach for questions online 24/7.  

We will complete all of this in June so you can maximise your results and be held accountable along the way. This is available no matter where you are in the world. 

Free Gift

As a free gift, when you sign up for online coaching, you will also receive a copy of the MindShift Map Ebook. We will also give you access to a bonus video on ‘Why people fail and why you won't’. 


Your Investment

Usually $990

 Today $487

 Sign Up before 31st May 2019 to make your June one to remember!


We are offering this opportunity today with the free gifts mentioned, there are only 4 spots remaining on this programme so what are you waiting for? We will be closing this programme on 31st May or as the slots fill up, whichever comes first.

Sign Up By 31st May To Start Your Transformation









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